Download Standard X10 Home Automation Modules Freeware

X10-Home-Automation  v.1.0

This project can read and write x10 signals to the serial port to control lights, sounds, phone and media player

Home Automation and Control System  v.1.0

Home Automation and Control System is a software which can control devices (using pc lpt port) at home from anywhere with any internet enabled device. This software drives a solid state relay by which we can control our home

Lancelot - PVR/Home Automation  v.0.10

Lancelot is a PVR/Home Automation project.A full blown central for controlling virtually anything in your home: Lights, TVs, amplifiers, etc. Lancelot will be controlable via different user interfaces, eg. graphical, voice command, or remote

Home automation server one wire  v.1.0

Home Automation Server onewire is a small Server witch is able to interact with a onewire Network. With an simple XML-File you are able to configure the functionality of the ow-devices. Furthermore you can query server by a simple terminal like telnet.

Souliss Home Automation  v.4

An open source framework for an easy to use Distributed Home Automation.

Open Home Automation Server  v.1.0

OHAS - Open Home Automation Server is a scalable open system solution for home automation

Lirbo  v.1.0

This project intends to bring simplistic, non-technical GUI design to managing x10 devices using a web-based interface. Utilizes a Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP/heyu software combination to manage and control x10 home automation devices.

Digital Home Server  v.

The Digital Home Server (DHS) is a FREE home automation and multimedia application which is easy to use, and aimed at non-technical users. It consist of a framework and a number of application which you can install, allowing to adapt the system to

Active Home Vista  v.2.2.5

Active Home Vista is the A?control centerA? of your home automation system. You can control all your devices, program the X10 interface and receive updates from the X10 interface to see whatA?s going on X10-wise. Dusk & dawn timers are supported.

FS Automation via Twitter  v.1.0

C# Application for controlling and checking your home automation hardware via twitter

Small home devices configurator  v.1.0

"Drag and drop" configurator based on Dia plugin for home automation and "smart home"

STANTOR  v.1.0

Stantor is a SCADA for home automation/domotic project. It drives : k8061-K8055(USB), K8000(I2C), Arduino Mega and Uno, X10, 1-Wire, electricity meters, Webcam (motion), infrared remote controls. It uses WEB browser, smartphone, xHTML, SOAP, Apache,

DomoticPS2  v.1.0

domoticPS2: home automation over X10 (and other protocols) using a Sony PlayStation 2. Includes a 3D engine to render houses.

X10MMS  v.0.0.5

X10MMS is a software suite that provides support for the X10 CM19A USB home automation transceiver under Linux.

OPNODE  v.0.1.0

OPNODE project - xAP home automation controllers with web interface, 1-Wire and

Omni-Link  v.3.0

Omni-Link was designed as a Java implementation of the Omni-Link Serial Protocol and Network Protocol as well as the Omni-Link II Network Protocol as described in two separate specification documents released by Home Automation Inc (HAI). Now you

Domotix  v.alpha1

Domotix is a home automation software developped in Delphi for the central system, in Php for the actions scripts, and where datas are centralized in a MySQL

Freevo - Media Centre Platform  v.1.9.2b1

Freevo is an open source HTPC media centre integrating PVR / DVR funtionality along with music, video, gaming, home automation and more. It is written in python and uses existing popular software such as mplayer, xine and

ISY command line utility  v.0.7

This is a command line utility for manipulating the Universal Devices ISY series of home automation controllers. See

Lossa  v.2

LOSSA is a home automation system that aims at:distributed network of devices with simple interconnect system,personal computer intercomunication, simple wiring and very low

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