Download Standard X10 Home Automation Modules Freeware

Lysis  v.0.0.0

lysis is working on a features rich home automation system that ranges from CAN-bus, 1-wire and RF up to a HTPC; both hardware and software are addressed to make the really smart home; the domotics will provide energy saving, comfort, flexibility,

Omni-Link Library  v.1.0

Java implementation of the Omni-Link Serial Protocol and Network Protocol as well as the Omni-Link II Network Protocol as described in two separate specification documents released by Home Automation Inc

Software To Reuse Computers To Teach  v.1.0

Project to assemble abandoned projects into one project designed to reuse waste electronic equipment for training and educational use. Ideas Include driving simulation and home automation for disabilities. Others are welcome.

UAnts4Home  v.1.0

The micro-Ants are small, cheap, 8-bit devices which may outperform current home automation systems, thanks to their "swarm intelligence". This project aims at developing a micro-Ant hardware and firmware. Join and develop with us this new ...

AUI JAIS  v.1.0

Ascia User Interface is the human interface of Java Automation Integration System (or Just Another Integration Software), an event driver software that allow control of home automation appliance (light, motors, ecc).

Domotronics  v.1.0

Module-based monitoring and control system for home automation on Microsoft Windows and Linux (through Mono).

Esus  v.1.0

Esus is a monitoring server for EIB/KNX based Home Automation Systems. It mainly consists in a server, which can be accessed from the internet through web pages and that controls devices in your home.

Virtual Crib (aka vCrib)  v.1.0

Visual home automation application. Focus on creating a virtual house that is in Sync with your real house. Control over your real house is excercised through the virtual house.

Voxapl  v.1.0

Voxapl is a suite of voice-enabled applications supporting voice recognition and text to speech functions for home automation services. It is written in Java and communicates via xAP and/or xPL messaging.

CANopenNode  v.3.10

CANopenNode is an open source software stack used for serial communication of multiple devices over the CAN/CANopen Network. It works on different microcontrollers, is reliable, simple and powerful and is suitable for industrial or home automation.

Embedded xPL  v.1.0

The intention is to develop cheap and feature rich home automation (HA) hardware devices that communicate via the xPL protocol. Developed on the Microchip PIC 18 micro controller with MPLAB C18.

HaBee  v.1.0

HaBee provides a total solution for wireless Home Automation. Sub projects inclde Zigbee module, dev board, and toolset.

Domoticz  v.32

Domoticz is a home automation system written in c++ and has a webserver frontend for end-users. It runs under unix/windows

HE853 Control  v.1.2

A library, command line application and GUI application to control the Home Easy HE853 home automation USB dongel on Windows.

MyHome  v.8

A Home Automation Project developed using Rabbit RCM 5600W

AtHome  v.1.0

Athome is a modular home automation application, completely written in Gambas, which uses (self-developed) opensource hardware, and a small ubuntu server with MySQL and up to different touchpanels troughout the building :-)

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